Valentine’s day should not be about flowers, gifts, parties, or the dinners!

It’s not about having that ‘special’ somebody in your life.
A boyfriend, girlfriend, twin flame, soul mate, lover or a partner.

Have you ever felt frustration when people are just celebrateing things and not people?

Mostly because that’s the way we see others do it or because we’re told to do them that way.

Many times, we do them just because they’re on the calendar? That doesn’t mean I ‘must’ join to celebrate it!

We love ‘things’ and not people.
We love things but fail to love us, and guess who benefits – commercialism !

The season many people somehow are left feeling half full, empty on the inside, sad or depressed is because we want to have that perfect look or image of whatever it is that the social media postings portrays – you know the Instagram, the Facebook etc. Because the world has convinced us of certain way of seeing ‘beauty’ or certain way of looking at ‘love’.

So, what is Valentine’s Day for you?
How do you define Love?
Is love a one time event or is it lifetime?
Does love start and end or is it infinite?

Today’s Valentine’s day, I chose to reflect on love and the importance of ‘self-love’.

And today, I chose to:
▪To smell the roses while I have the opportunity.
▪To love Me and everyone while we’re here on this planet earth.
▪ To appreciate all the people in my life.
▪To nurture and pamper Me by taking care of my body, my mind and my spirit.
▪To be thoughtful and mindful to contributing to the good of the planet earth.

Valentine’s day shouldn’t be about a ‘one day’ event. Because, love is not about one day but a lifetime commitment, first to yourself and then to all and everything that surround you. For when you love, you live!

Here’s to taking love to a whole new level, making it not just a thing or an event, but a LIFESTYLE to eternity! ❤

–Augustina Ekwunife