I work on myself every day. I take challenges with head lifted up and not bowed down. I learn from my mistakes and I am not ashamed of my past. I never allow setbacks or failures to knock me down and even when I’m knocked down, I try getting up. I don’t stay there. I don’t make excuses!

I am not in competition with anyone. The only person I compete with is myself, to do better and to Be a better person than I was yesterday.

I am a leader because when last I checked, I noticed that in one way or the other, I’ve motivated you and inspired you to ‘never give up on you”, to do better and dream bigger.

I am an influencer because, since you crossed my path, something has changed positively in you. Trust Me, since you met Me, You are No longer and will never be the same person you used to be. Because I made you see that if I can do it, you too Can!

I am a Success because finally I’m living a happy and fullfiled life. I’ve got peace of mind and I’m grateful.
I pray to remain humble always and never allow my success get into my head.
And by the way; my definition of “success” might differ from yours. To me success means: Happiness, fulfilment and
Inner Peace. I am lacking absolutely nothing because I am blessed beyond my wildest imaginations. I am a kingdom Daughter and in my Father’s Kingdom, there’s no Lack – there’s no Crisis!
All Is Well With My Soul and I’m Comfortable.
I know who and whose I Am.
I Am victorious.
I Am more than a conquerors.
I Am Unstoppable and Unbreakable. You may try to bend Me, but I’ll always, and I mean always bounce back.
I Am Wonderfully and Beautifully Made.
I Am God’s Chosen, Ordained, Favoured and Dearly Loved.
I know who and whose I Am.

I Am not a Mistake.
I Am not an ‘after-thought’.
I am ‘Woman’ !

I believe that what makes us unique is our gifts and talents…
I’ve come to understand that environment matters. To avoid distractions and unnecessary setbacks, mind who you keep in your circle. Mind who you eat and drink with. Mind who feeds your mind especially.

I work on myself daily – my physical body, but I do work more on my inner body- my Mind.
I watch and protect my energy a lot. I mindfully and intentionally choose my thoughts, my affirmations and I do protect what I allow INTO my mind-Ear!

When I used to follow people, I mean the crowds, I used to be insulted, abused, rejected or taken for granted. I used to entertain, accommodate and accept every toxic relationships, just for the fear of being single or Alone. Understand that being “alone” does not mean being lonely!

I looked insignificant until I discovered myself, and embrace the woman on the inside- discovering my gifts, my talents and my purpose for my life.

And my life changed and the way people see me noe also changed. So what caused the change, I asked myself?
Why the sudden change and reactions from people…?
It was as a result of Me turning away from following the crowds. It was as a result of Me putting an end to always seeking for validations and taking advices from the wrong people…
It was as a result of Me finally allowing God to be God in my life. By aligning my thoughts and by also saying Yes to my Light and learning to use this light in me to lighten the world around me within the sphere of my contacts…
I finally discovered and embbraced my uniqueness, my voice, my PURPOSE, and I began to work on developing it. I began to influence my world positively, bringing positive impact and transformation to the lives of people, near and far…

I looked at my life now, and I am convinced that I’ll never exchange it for anything I used to be in the past.

It is when we learn to go through the process “Pruned” (going through the fire of life and coming out not burnt but processed); and when we begin to apply all the Wisdom and lessons thereof, learning to walk in that light that we finally have reached a place in our life that our life becomes an inspiration and motivation to all the people who have the opportunity to cross our paths, reaching wider and greater audience than we could’ve possibly have done sitting in our comfort zones…

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