ROAR is about the power of rejection.


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ROAR is about the power of rejection. Everybody wants to be accepted. We all want to be accepted, respected and loved. We need that sense of belonging where we feel at home with ourselves and with the person or people involved. But what happens when that connection is disrupted? What happens when, one day you feel so secure and the next day you feel lost and lonely?
What happens when you wake up one morning only to realise that you have no one to count on. You find yourself solo and you feel lonely and scared. Yes, you feel despair and that sense of hopelessness that creep in without prior notice and no matter what you do or say, that feeling is there, refusing to go away.

Being rejected, neglected, abandoned, refused or simply ignored can hurt so much. Taking someone for granted is the worst kind of disrespect and this can hurt so much especially if coming from someone or people you love.

But that’s the secret! Yes, the secret lies in how you respond to all these negatives happening to you. This is what I addressed in the book, Roar. Roar is a book I wrote with the intention to inspire and motivate my readers. Roar is about You not giving up on yourself, on life and more especially, on Love. Roar is my means of saying to any woman or man going through a difficult time. Who has been broken is right now hurting; I too have been there. And if I could make it, You can!
Roar is about me using my message to encourage you as to read each and every chapter. I implore you to take your pain and turn it into a force that will create a burning desire to rise above your suffering or challenges. I call it Power Of Rejection!

Sometimes, Rejections are ways God is telling us to move forward. Delay is not denial and when one door closes, a better door mostly opens in it’s place. This is what this book is all about, to let you know that you are being rejection from something or someone with less value, less important, someone who does not deserve You, so you can be blessed with everything that you deserve. Everything that’s beautiful and amazing.
Remember, your best is always in front and never behind you. Your best is yet to come!


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