Introducing me to his readers and followers 😊 – a United kingdom published author and social media marketer, an award winning book blog, DANE COBAIN.

It’s one thing to want to become an author and write books…

But it’s another to get your book out there where it matters (we all know how this can be frustrating especially for new authors) and create awareness, making positive impacts and generating income as well…

So this 2020 I’m taking the bull by the horns… because there’s no short cut to success… if you want to succeed, then you must do the workings- why ‘workings ‘ ?

Becasue it is to want to do the work only once and then sit down and wish/expect that your success skyrocket overnight. It takes working hard (better still ‘smartly’), determination, consistency and also in never giving up.

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Introducing Augustina Ekwunife, author of SOAR!: Being in God’s Rest, Pruned: Embracing Your Uniqueness, Roar: The Power of Rejection and more:

They’re great for working on the new you for the new year! #spon Click on the link below to view 👇🏻