Let’s Talk Sex (Why the Church shy away and why it seems like a taboo)



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In a world where women are seen as sex object, an object to satisfying the insatiable appetite for sex and power, where women are dominated and subjugated by sexual predictors!

Also to all those unique women who refused to let their voice be silenced but continuously raising it against human trafficking and child abuse. Keep speaking – your voice is important!

Because your silence means the dying of YET another woman- physically or emotionally.

To the Church, your silence means raising up our young girls and sending them out into the sex market for merchandise. Your silence means ignoring the silent cries of desperate women who secretly wish and hope you could see their pains through the mask of ‘make-ups’ they were to cover up their shame or horror. To our men who are daily battling between the desire to serve God blamelessly and the urge to satisfy their sexual appetite which sometimes they find uncontrollable. To the men and women who keep battling alone a challenge that if confronted together with right person or persons, the right way, could end their dilemma. Church, your silence is either due to ignorance or carelessness, in either way, you are not without responsibility!


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