The harvest is ripe and plenty but the labourers are few...

The best and most effective evangelism is telling people 'how' Jesus touched your life. Sharing your testimonies will compel them to want to know this Jesus!!!

Don't limit your evangelism to the confines of the four corner wall of a religious sectors... the church should be an hospital for the sick, a school room for training, equipping and releasing the saints... our offices should be operative in the streets...

Using every means and platforms to share our testimonies...
When we lift Christ up, he'll draw men to himself...
He will draw... Selah!

Don't hid your talents

Be open minded... Allow God to have His way... Stop serving God at your own terms... stop pocketing the Holy Spirit and bringing him out when you feel like...Β  Allow God to use your gifts and talents... He gave them to you for a PURPOSE! #Mybooks #Pruned #Soar #Roar #PURPOSE are reaching more people and making a greater impact in peoples lives more than I could possibly do on one-and-one or street evangelism...

My Book Signing

Thank you my daughter for being a friend to me... Thank you for your support and encouragement...πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ I Love You! #MyBookSigning #Tour2019 #Padova Today @Global Mission Church of Christ. GMCC. Vicolo Giovanni Brunacci 4/6 Padova. With Pastor Patrick Keshi and Pastor Obedia Ihowa Keshi


Thanks to all the friends, colleagues, and my family of God who made it to the event. I love you all. Thank you Pastor Keshi, you're an example of 'a true man of God' with a heart to serve God's people. I appreciate You! #GoYe!!! We'll be in Marghera, VENEZIA on the 14th of July... make sure to be there... God bless!!! #Mybooksigning #Tour2019 #Padova23June Patrick Keshi Obedia Ihowa Keshi Emanuela Vlad

Excited to Announce

Our next location for my BOOK SIGNING TOUR is Marghera, VENEZIA! @New Life In Christ Ministry International--

(via Columbara 113, Malcontenta, Marghera, VENEZIA - Italy)



Be my valued guest for this inspiring life transforming experience ... Let me inspire you!

You have greatness within you and you're loaded with potentials wanting to be unleashed... I believe in YouπŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎ Let's fill the earth with our lights for His glory!!!

Last month, we were in Padova and it was a great experience of which testimonies from people who experienced the touch of God's love and presence for the first time were asking to be part of the congregation... others experienced a 'shift' and are re-thinking about how to go back to their dreams and pick it up again... they kept calling me to say ; Thank you for inviting me... Thank you for a wonderful experience... There was this Italian guy that came with his companion, He was speechless as he saw a different Augustine... all along, I was just a colleague...

Now, He saw me in a different perspective... People may not know the real you if you refuse to let your light shine... Together we can be the light in a dark world. But we can do that if we start to unleash our potentials... Let the Italians And other foreigners living here in Italy see what we can do and bless the name of our God! It is possible... and I can't wait to see you on the 14th of July @Marghera, (VE) Italy. I am so so excited for this "first-time of it's type" event in Veneto and probably in the whole of Italy.. 😊😊😊 And I believe God still has a lot to do with us and for us... I believe,this is just the beginning.

Another great success!

Just arrived Marghera, Venice Italy for my book signing tour... #Marghera
Remember it's today!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

So thrilled and can't wait to see all the beautiful faces... πŸ’•πŸ’•
#Pruned #Soar #Roar #PURPOSE

It was so colorful and joyful from the beginning till the end...

I can only say; WOW!!!😍😍😍
Marghera Venezia Italy #mybooksigning #Tour2019
With Apostle Jeff Chuks Ojeile Prince Victor Osayi Okocha Happy Marcel
To God be all the glory!!!




Augustina Ekwunife

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