Augustina Ekwunife
Born in Anambra State - Eastern Nigeria.

She is a published author, Writer, Mentor, Speaker, Teacher and Evangelist. She is a graduate of the Global School Of Ministry and further Upgraded her scriptural knowledge by undertaking a nine month intensive course on the ‘Advanced Mentor ship Program- Masterclass’ of GSOM. She is a member of IMF (International Ministers Fellowship). In 2019 by His Grace she was elected to the office of the Director- Business, Professional & Public Affair Network, IMF Italy.


She is also an Italian trained professional who for the past 16 years, gives health and social assistance. She lives with her amazing daughters and currently works in a private hospital in the heart city of Padua.
A dynamic evangelist and a counselor and a Truth seeker, she shares her personal experiences and founded truths. She Gives counselling on areas such as:Difficulties in marriage and relationships in general, Dealing with difficult teenagers.
She shares her ideas and thoughts on self-awareness, self-discovery, personal growth and personal spiritual-growth.


She has also collaborated with some group of advocates to fight for legal and civil rights for immigrants in Padua, Italy from 2009 to 2015.


She is an influencer, a leader, and a catalyst for change- no one comes in contact with her person that remains the same. She leaves a lasting impact on your life in such a positive way that it will challenge you to unearth your hidden potentials.


She is a visionary, a strong, determined, focused and courageous woman, a mother, a sister and a friend. A woman with unstoppable passion and love for life and the things of God.

This is what I stand for

I stand for every single individual in our society and in the whole world doing their part in making the world a better place for all.

I stand for us humans, individually and collectively being the change we want to see in our world.

I stand for the Idea of every woman and man, young and old, including the youths, having the possibility and freedom to discover their identity in Christ and their purpose for life in a world that do everything to conceal or destroy that.

I stand for being a VOICE to those who don't have any. To say 'NO' to domestic violence, abuse, human trafficking, all kinds of emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially destructive, and toxic relationships.

I stand as a voice, to let all women know that they don't have to tolerate, accommodate or excuse any form, kind or manner of the above mentioned.

I stand for today's Christian Ministers and 'ministry', being an avenue and means of helping the people to come to the knowledge of 'Truth'. The Truth that will set them Free from mental slavery, emotional bondage, poverty mentality, and inferiority complex.

I stand for 'ministry' being a way and vehicle to standing with the poor, the windows, the orphans, the homeless, the sick, the oppressed, the victimized, and all the less privileged in our society. And not as a means or factor for manipulation and control.

I stand for being the light in a dark world, and to helping one another in discovering and becoming an agent of Light. The world need our light and we must let it so shine! I stand for a world where peace, love and equity is possible.

I stand to say No to every type or form of violence, injustice, intolerance, discrimination and marginalization. I believe that together we can make it happen. We can create a world where people are free to be themselves. Free to be happy. Free to living their dreams.

I stand to encourage, influence and impact positively every young woman and young man out there to unearth their hidden potentials and discover who they are, first as an individual with dreams and aspirations. Secondly as 'who they are in Christ". Together we can change the world, one person at a time. Because Unity is Power!

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