The truth is that you don’t empower people when you wallow in self-pity. The truth is that if you want to be a source of inspiration to others, then you need to be strong yourself. You need to choose to be strong. It is easier to lie in bed. Cover ourselves with blanket and crying over what has happened and we keep entertained pity-parties. We keep telling our ugly stories over and over. You don’t empower people by doing that.

When I empower others, I empower myself. When I challenge you, I challenge myself. When I motivate you. I motivate myself. When I inspire you, I am inspiring my myself. As I am sharing this message. I’m also indirectly working on myself, empowering myself, motivating myself. I am growing. I am learning. So this is what I will encourage you to also do.

If you are still entertaining pity-parties. If you are still wallowing in self-pity, I think it is time you stop doing that to yourself. This is what self-discipline did for me. You have to discipline yourself.

You have to take responsibility for your life, for your happiness. Take responsibility for your health. Knowing that’s not everything out there is good for you.
Life is not going to be easy. Life is never going to be easy. I don’t pray for life to be easy. I pray that you become stronger. I pray that you’ll be empowered through those challenges that you are going through. I pray that you’ll be empowered through all the difficulties.

Don’t allow your fear to stop you from choosing to do what is right. Stop entertaining negative thoughts in your mind. Stop allowing negative thoughts to rent a room in your mind. You don’t allow thieves to enter your house and rent a room. Do you? You don’t, right! So don’t you ever allow pity-parties. Don’t you ever allow negative thoughts. Don’t even allow people to speak negative words into your mind.

You are responsible to how you choose to live your life. You are responsible to how you choose to take actions on a daily basis. It is not your fault what happened in the past. It is not your fault that the economy is bad. It is not your fault that you weren’t born in that rich family. It your fault that your partner cheated on you and that destroyed yoyr relationship and or marriage. It’s not your fault, but it is your RESPONSIBILITY from now onwards to decide how you want to live your life. It is not your fault that so many things didn’t work out. Stop self-blaming yourself. Stop that, SELF-CONDEMNATION. Stop the pity-party.

Stop allowing people to speak failure into your life. Stop allowing people to keep reminding you of what your past was, of what happened in the past. Choose to move on. Choose to let go of the past. Be empowered through those challenges that you went through. Be empowered through those PAINS. Be empowered through whatever happened in the past. Let those things be your motivating factor.
Everybody has fears even the most successful people out there still have fears. What made them different is that they choose to fear their fears but to do what they need to do anyways. So let fear be your motivating factor. Let your fear motivate you. Don’t let it pull you down. Don’t let it suck your vital energy. Life is not easy. Life is not going to be easy. Life has never been easy.
My prayer is that you become stronger. Just like an eagle. Use the winds of adversity, use the winds of challenges, use the winds of difficulties to push yourself forward. To take that leap. To soar to new levels, to new heights. Your past does not equal your future.
Your past cannot DEFINE you unless you choose to. Define WHO you want to Be. I love Self-discipline. Why because, so many people have MISINTERPRETED or MISUNDERSTOOD the term SELF-DISCIPLINE. And they end up believing that self-discipline is something to do with inflicting PUNISHMENT to yourself. You know self-discipline has nothing to do with punishment.
My DEFINITION of self-discipline is when I CHOOSE, when I choose to let go of ‘IMMEDIATE PLEASURE’, of immediate GRATIFICATION. For a LONG time SELF-RESPECT, long time of self-respect. That is what I call sef-DISCIPLINE – self-discipline is when I choose to invest in myself, to work on myself, to do the things that I need to do on a daily basis, to take POSITIVE ACTIONS towards my GOALS, towards realizing my goals. You know, achieving my goals.
YOU are not what happened to you. You are not your past hurts. You are not your MISTAKES. You make mistakes, Mistakes don’t make you. Listen, Don’t allow your PAINS to stop you from working on yourself. Don’t allow your PAINS to STOP you from LIVING AMAZING life that is POSSIBLE for you. Don’t allow your PAST FAILURES to make you to give up on yourself. Don’t allow what you’ve been through to stop you from ACCOMPLISHING what you can accomplish in this YEAR 2020.
It is not your fault that someone could not SEE the light in YOU. It is not your fault that someone gave up on you. It is not your fault that someone didn’t SEE your WORTH. People ask me sometimes how do you manage to do the things that you do. You are a single mother. You work full-time. You have time to write books and now you are creating these video contents. Where do you find all the time? Well, I choose to create time. If I wait to find time, I’ll never find time. So I want to be an inspiration to you that’s watching this video today. I don’t know what you are going through. I don’t know the difficulties or the challenges. I want you to be empowered through those difficulties. I want you to be empowered through those challenges. I want you to be empowered through does things. Don’t allow those challenges to become an excuse for not living your Best Life. You Deserve!
–Augustina Ekwunife

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