“I am taking the time to refocus my energy and reflect. I release anything that isn’t serving my highest and best on my path at this time. I am open to receiving all the insight and guidance the Universe has to offer me at this time.”

Sometimes we go astray, and we miss the Track …

Sometimes, due to loneliness or lack of clarity of direction towards our Purpose we make the mistakes of compromising on our STANDARDS that we set for ourselves.
And this could be very Sabotaging!

As a single mom, life can be lonely at times especially because you put all the work to make sure your kid’s needs are cared for, that at the end of the day we end up taking less care of our own selves and personal needs…

This is the reason why most single moms ends up in a relationship that is unhealthy both to them and to their kids. They ends up in a rushed relationship, not having the patience to wait for all it takes…

And they ended mesmerizing their lives. Please never you allow a man rush you into starting a relationship – take your time and calculate all the pros and cons…

You must Know WHY he Wants you in the first place so you don’t end up Fooling, Insulting and Hurting yourself in the process.

When the right man comes into your life you will know. Because it will Flow effortlessly!

You won’t have to Beg for it, Fight for it, Struggle with it, and you won’t need to Prove yourself to be Accepted or Validated…

It will just flow Naturally!!

No strife, no Arguments and you won’t have to Compete with any Other Woman out there. You will be his and he will be yours-simple!

So today knowing all these, I am becoming very Mindful of the Messages that God or the Universe is sending on my way to help Draw my Attention back on Track..

These messages are out there if you look attentively- sometimes they appear from an uncommon places like postings on social media platforms… or sometimes you may hear them by chance from friends or from a random stranger…

Pay attention to those messages from the Universe,,, and you will be Guided and Guarded!!

I am in a place in my life right now where I don’t have to Prove myself or Apologize for the way I chose to live My Life 💯.
If a man comes into my life but fails to See my Worth – he’s not mine 💯

I know Who I Am and I live my life on my Own Terms- Unapologetically!

You don’t have to live your life according to other people’s opinions. And you don’t have to apologize for being You -Period!

Just _Be_You!
And Do_You ‼️

God loves You!


#queen #code 💪🏿