If your Purpose is to compete and compare yourself with others, you haven’t discovered your purpose.

Your Purpose will make you Simple and Authentic!!

Because the only person to compete with is the person you see in the mirror.

If your purpose is not challenging and stretching you to #growth, it means you’re not living in your Purpose.

If it doesn’t humble you, you’re not living in your Purpose.

Your Purpose Is going to break you up, mold you, shape you and re-shape you until you fit into the perfect image of that Purpose.

It must Reveal God’s glory in you – because that’s the Ultimate Goal!

If your purpose is not healing you, it means it’s not your God-given purpose. Because how do you hope to Heal others when you yourself are still carrying your own un-healed self?
When you are not willing to be vulnerable to accept God’s healing grace extended to you.

When you refuse to Heal!?

Here is my Purpose:
My purpose is to Heal God’s people. (to heal their mindset).
To set the oppressed free.
Because to Heal the Land is to first of all heal the people.
To heal the Universe is to Heal the people’s Mindset and Attitude…

Now you see why I was Rejected, Abused, and Used…#theprocess

We are called to use our Voice (Founded Truth) to set free the people… no one can stop God’s Devine Purpose 🙏

“To cite and quote the scriptures alone without Living out the Word is powerless and meaningless”
–Augustina Ekwunife

You cannot serve ‘church’ alone, you must be willing to serve humanity…

Imagine if Jesus had refused to serve the ‘unchurched’!? If he had wanted to serve only the ‘saints’… where would you have been today?

Imagine if Joseph had refused to serve the ‘idol worshippers’ (Pharoah and the palace)!?? What would have become of the Israel today!?

God’s purpose surpasses all human understanding, it will always prevail!

TIPS ON HOW: To Find Your Purpose:

All Purpose begins with the realignment to personal truth.
•What is it that you want at this stage of your life?
•What are you interested im or passionate about?

Realign with who you are – this means to live your authentic life. That also means to stop living in others people expectation of you or to live the life other people want you to live – by trying to fit-in into other people’s image of you.

Purpose begins when you can reconnect to the truth of who you are:
•your intentions
•your interests
•your passions
•or desires*

“Psalms 37 vs 4
God says that He will make manifest the *desires of your heart.

“You become the image you hold most in your heart…”

“Purpose is your Destiny, not your History ”

It is not living in re-action.

To find your purpose, you must activate your potentials by your daily habits. Adapting to the role model mindset.

How are you showing up??

When you are activating your power, you are being a role model. This will connect you with your purpose.

You don’t have to pray alone to find your purpose.
You don’t have to go seeking for it.
Be of service to others.
Stay focused by being in the present.

“Purpose is not what you get but it is Who you Become.”

—written by Augustina Ekwunife