▪︎A manipulative Leader or Minister is one who is yet to discover him/herself in terms of life Purpose. He or she is very insecure hence he or she will use manipulation to make his/her followers comply to their control.

▪︎A manipulative Leader/ Minister is one that loves to be in Control.
He/she controls whoever is under his/her territory or dominion of authority (e:g church or workplace).

▪︎In church territory, he or she controls the minds of those under his or her authority. (E:g who you spent time with in your free hours, like friends etc.)
He controls who you follow/like on Facebook, Insta etc. He controls and monitor your comments on social media platforms.
He monitors every of your social media activities not because he enjoys what you share but because, that way he or she will be close to you enough to monitior and manipulate you.

▪︎The reason for all these is what I mentioned above in the first paragraph: This person is very Insecure and have not Discovered their True Life Purpose.
And as such, you become a Prey within their Net. They will do everything in their power to keep you in the net (mental box) because you Serve a purpose for him or her.
A Purpose which could be: meet his or her personal emotional or personal material needs.
~ Feed His or her Ego. He or she feeds on your Ego (e:g chats, phone calls etc especially those ever-baby christians who refuses to grow up and will always find excuses to call for prayers or counseling etc all for the excuse to Draw attention to themselves.)

( If not, tell me why you’ve been in a church for 8 yrs or more Yet you can’t pray for yourself. You call your pastor for every mosquito that flies in your home.)

A manipulative Minister will love these types of people because they serve the purpose of feeding his/her ego and he/her in turn feeds on their Ego vice-versa

▪︎In workplace, a manipulative leader will make life hell for you because of his/her insecurities.
~ Fear of losing his position or just for the simple fact that he or she is so insecure that they will always want to Boss around instead of being a leader they were supposed for be.
~They use manipulation to keep your head under the table… you don’t really have a voice even if apparently, cit doesn’t your doesn’t look so.
This type of leader uses everybody within his or her sphere of influence to keep check and to control on all under his or her authority.

Their energy could be dangerous because it’s not godly!

▪︎How do you break free from such manipulation: simple, have the Courage to believe in You. Have the Courage to make decisions on your own life without them always interfering (e:g advice, corrections).
Know what is Right for You and Refuse to be Discouraged.
Stay focused 💯
Learn to do your own things including prayers and advices- not all advice that they gave you, you’re must take.
Evaluate and analyze because Agreeing. Seek God on your own, and you’ll Find Him- build trust and mutual relationship between yourself and God- it pleases God when I do. This is the only way you can break free and grow!!
Be wise not foolish!

▪︎A non-manipulative Leader or Minister (a true leadership role) is one that Enables and Allows the Access of Informations or Knowledge that will Help you to Evolve, Expand and make positive Impact in your world.

Remember, if you fail to work and invest on YourSelf, you’ll end up serving to fulfill other people’s life purpose and dreams.

▪︎Yes, support your Leader/Minister if he or she is real with good intentions towards you, but don’t Lose yourself in there Process.
~Because your Purpose matter!
~Your Dream matter.
~And because You Matter!

▪︎Watch their Intentions!?
~~Are they helping you to discover and unleash your full potentials!?
~~Are they encouraging you to discover your gifts, talents and God’s will for your life.
~~Are they helping you to be that wo/man that God wired you to be!?

Or do you just exist for them, to serve their dreams and ambition!?

▪︎If he or she is afraid to let you out of the box/net, it is because he/she feeds on you!!
Both emotionally and materially – think!

Remember, #GeYe is the golden rule not Sit-here!!
~~(Mathew 28:19)
“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…”

▪︎▪︎My mission is to set the ‘mental’ Captives free!

Because Christ set me Free and I owe it to others, to set them free in their mindset!
~~Because to be #bornagain is to make that mental shift – #paradigmshift (dropping off old stuffs that are nolonger serving your highest Purpose) so you can discover and Become your 100% Authentic Self. Making impact in the world around you and being a Blessing! 🙌

Exodus 23:2
“Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd”

Exodus 23:20
“Do not bow down before their gods or worship them or follow their practices. You must demolish them and break their sacred stones to pieces. 25 Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water.”


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