The worst virus is the one that diverts you from your path . The worst virus is the one that refuses you to discover who you are on the inside. The man, the woman you are on the inside
The worst Virus is the one that puts limitations on you.
The worst virus is the one that poisons your mind . That takes control of your mind. Listen, whoever takes control of your mind controls all your and existence.

I repeat, whoever takes control of your mind controls all your life, he controls your existence.
He controls your decisions, he controls your choices. The worst kind of virus is the one you allow in your life to manipulate You, to abuse You, to take you for granted, to use you.
The worst virus is the one that denies you of happiness. That denies you of expressing the real you. Because, how do you think you can attract your Destiny- helpers when you are not being real. When God sent out His angels, for example, He assigns His angels along the route to your Destiny, along the way to your Destiny. He gave them instructions: This person looks like this, this is his blueprint. This is what he or she is supposed to be doing. For example, that person is a singer, that person is a writer. That person is doing this thing or that thing, as a gift God gave him or her. And the angels are out looking for you. They’ll be looking for whom God sent them to go and help.

They look at the instructions that God gave; “So now go and look for him or her in so so so place”.
Because they believed that you’re walking in your calling. They believed that you’re walking in your GIFTS and TALENTS. They believed that you’re walking in your PURPOSE for life.
And so, they come looking for you. UNFORTUNATELY, You are NOT LIVING your own life, you are living another person’s life. UNFORTUNATELY, you’ve ABANDONED your purpose for life.
UNFORTUNATELY, you’ve FAILED to DISCOVER that man or the woman you are on the INSIDE. UNFORTUNATELY, you’ve GIVEN UP on yourself!

You’ve chosen the part of ‘men pleasers’. You’ve made up your mind that it’s more comfortable, you know, we all loves that comfort zone. We all love that soft sofa.
But I want you today to get up from that comfort zone. To put up courage. To get out that your dream from wherever you’ve locked it, to dust it up and begin to work on them. Set your plans. REFUSE to be CONTAMINATED.

Have the courage to say No to SPIRITUAL VIRUSES. That are contaminating people, that are right inside the Church, they’re in your working place, they’re among your colleagues, they’re even in your own home, among your family members.
There’re SPIRITUAL VIRUSES everywhere!
You have to apply wisdom, you have to be discerning in the spirit. Watch out, watch out for Destiny killers, Dream killers.
They’re everywhere!!!

It doesn’t mean you have to go about hating people. You don’t have to go about fearing people. Once you align yourself (actions) and your life to your purpose for life, set boundaries and set standards and rules that will act as a compass to guide you.
Then you’ll know, you’ll know who truly loves you and who doesn’t love you. You’ll know who wants the best for you. You’ll know who’s supporting you and Who’s not supporting you.

You don’t have to hate them anyways. It is just for you to know how to PROTECT and maintain yourself in order to be in the right path, to be in your calling. It is just for you to passionately work and keep working on yourself, to living your dreams as you mindfully and systematically, and continuously investing in yourself, as this will help move you to the direction of your PURPOSE for life.

Happiness comes when you Find your purpose for life and you Align your life, you know, your life ‘rotates around your purpose’ for life. That’s when you’ll find TRUE HAPPINESS. That’s when you’ll find CONTENTMENT. That’s when you’re FULFILLED as a man or as a woman.
SUCCESS for me, the DEFINITION of SUCCESS for me is when I AM FULFILLED and contented and happy DOING what I LOVE, and loving what I Do.
Knowing and been convinced that truly that is my PURPOSE.

That it is what God wants me to Do. That that’s my CALLING. And I’ll do everything in my power to MAKE that LIGHT SHINE, to make that light shine.
Your purpose is not for you. Your purpose is for the PEOPLE out there. That light is not just for you. The light is for EVERYBODY. When you come into a dark room, you don’t hide your light under the table, you PUT it ON THE TABLE so that it will ILLUMINATE the whole surrounding. So that it’ll illuminate the whole room. That everybody in the room will enjoy your light, will BENEFIT from the light. That’s the purpose of the Light.

When you Discover the light in You, do everything to let it soooo shine! Do everything to let it so shine. The bible say; To LET your LIGHT so SHINE!
Don’t allow people to cover your night. Don’t submit to anyone that’s diverting you from your Destiny. Never you allow yourself to be dominated or to be manipulated through those, manipulative statements and words that’s aimed at destroying your purpose for life.
Never you submit to any man or a woman who is not helping you to grow in your personal spiritual life. That’s not encouraging you to grow as a person. Personal development is very important. If he or she isn’t helping your, First of all, to discover who you are, to discover your talents and your purpose and helping you to work on developing all of them, Run away from such relationship.
Run away from such toxic people. Run away, or you’ll have yourself to blame. You’ll regret it in the end. God will ask you on that day; What did you do with the talents that I gave you. What did you do with the gifts that I gave you.
Many people are seeking for success in a wrong assignment. You CANNOT SUCCEED in a WRONG ASSIGNMENT. You cannot succeed in a wrong assignment. For you to succeed in life, you have to BE in the RIGHT ASSIGNMENT.

So say No to whoever wants you to submit, to humble yourself and submit – let me just use the word authority.
If that authority is not after helping you to function in your calling, to function in your gifting, then run away, run away.
Because your submission is like submitting to a virus. Your submission to such authority is like submitting, literally speaking, to someone you know that has corona virus and you embrace them, kiss the person , just because you want to show submission.
What happens is that the person is already contaminated, and you’re risking being contaminated too. The person will die and you’ll die. Just because you want to submit? Just because you want to submit.

What will it profit you to gain people’s validations, people’s approval, peoples accolade, you know they applauds You. Because, you are submissive to them. But then you fail on yourself. You fail God and fail on your purpose for life. Remember, the purpose you fail to accomplished is a failure on your side and a loss on humanity. That is a tragedy, you know! Many people died with songs yet to be written. Some catty their sculpture, painting, design, films, books etc. ‘un-birthed’ to the grave. Many people have aborted their Destiny!!!

And when God sends Destiny helpers to come look for you, they will not find you. Because you’re not in your right assignment. You are NOT LIVING your PURPOSE . You are not doing what God created you to do. And they’ll come looking for you and they won’t find you.
My prayer for you today is that when your destiny helpers comes, looking for You, that they locate you. But my advise is; For them to locate You, make sure you are in the right assignment!
Make sure that you are submitting to the right authority.

It is very good for us to submit to authorities. But make sure you are submitting to the right authority. Not all authority that’s good for you is right for you.
Don’t SETTLE for CONVENIENCE. Settle for WHAT is RIGHT for YOU. Because you’ll have yourself to answer to God on that day.
God bless you
–By Ekwunife Augustina.
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God bless you!!!