Sex is a complicated topic because we ‘humans’ are complicated by nature. We like to complicate things. That’s why we don’t value or appreciate something when it comes simple or easily.

Today, I had the privilege to listen to yet another story of yet another struggling young woman in her late 40s. This story is an eye opener to what most Christian couples have to endure to keep their marriage. She is practically sexually starved, yet living with a man apparently ‘healthy’ and strong physically.
So why couldn’t he satisfy his woman. Why does he always and I mean always ‘drop’ her literally, leaving her feeling frustrated with the whole act, each and every time they finished having sexual intercourse.
In women with high libido, this can cause a hell of frustration, anger and bitterness that with time can degenerate to crisis in other parts of the relationship.

An unhappy woman is not the best companion for any man, I guess.
When a women is not sexually satisfied, this is one of the reasons that pushes women to look outside. Listen, this is not a joke. This is a very serious issue!
I’ve had the privilege to listen to women who confess that they can’t stay a month or two without having sex intercourse. That it drives them crazy.
So now, my question is, how do we as Church help such a women. Do you think that praying for them is just enough?

I think we need more than just praying and fasting. To me, I think we as Church should first of all create an atmosphere that allows conversation or easy communication. When a person feels comfortable and confident, they allow themselves to open up. And you will be surprised at what you’ll hear with your very ears.
But once they don’t have trust and or are uncomfortable, they’ll always tend to close and cover up those areas that they’re most vulnerable.
I believe the Church have a role to play here and a responsibility too.

I’d rather stay Single than ‘endure‘ in a marriage. Because marriage is not meant to be endured but enjoyed and consumed.

What most Christian couples are doing is endure-to-survive.
Must marriage be endured?
I wonder!…