Listen, you are better off single than with a man that disrespect and takes you for granted. You are better off alone than in a relationship that drains your vital energy, poisons your Soul, and leaves you thinking that there’s something wrong in you.

You are better off alone than in a relationship that’s toxic to your system. A relationship that’s damaging to your mental health and to the mental health of your children…
My sister run from such relationship.

Don’t wait for 22yrs or more to pass you by, just like I did , sadly.
And when you leave, make sure you seek for cure to help you heal emotionally, mentally and physically…
And never you be ashamed of your Past- Because it is past…

Move on and live your Best Life ever because it is possible.
Don’t let fear stop you.
Don’t let fear keep you a prisoner in a relationship that’s literally killing you on the inside and eventually on the outside.

Listen, you deserve the Best!
Know your worth, Woman!