The worst thing you will ever do to yourself is to chase people, beg for attention or depend on others for your happiness.
It took me 30yrs of my life to learn that.
Don’t wait for another 30yrs or more when you could learn from my mistake and begin now to love yourself.
Begin now to Love yourself enough to say; Enough is Enough!

Enough of hidding or diminishing your light so others could be comfortable with you.
Enough of tying your hope and happiness around people. Enough of compromising and lying to yourself just to accommodate insecurities of those around you.
Enough of expecting and waiting for validations and or Permissions to shine your light.

You are responsible for your own life.
You are responsible for discovering and how you use your gifts and talents.
Do you intend using them or do you prefer to keep hidding???

Listen, if you try keeping everybody with you at all cost, you’ll lose yourself. But if you focus on working on yourself, having the courage to step out with confidence and believing in you. What happens is that you will attract the right people who are going to encourage, support and celebrate you!

Dare to be you!
Dare to lead!!
Dare to #Roar #Soar and pursue your #Purpose with determination and a burning desire that no circumstances or situations could stop.

Dare to live with PURPOSE and you will live each day and the rest of your life with passion!
Living each day, pursuing your dreams and vision.

Understand that the Best life is one that’s lived with passion. 😊


You don’t choose your purpose. Your purpose choses you!

And when it chose you, it will mold and shape you until you become the perfect image of the PURPOSE.

The only way to find your purpose is to discover You!
Discover who you are and why you were born in a time like this.
Your purpose is hidden in You. Find You first, and you’ll find your Purpose.