Discover Your greatest ‘WHY’!
The “Why” behind the life You’re living right NOW. There’s a big reason why YOU do what you’re doing right now. There’s a reason why YOU are doing that kind of job right now. There is a REASON why you CHOSE that career over another. There is a reason for doing whatever you’re doing. You have to find this WHY!
There’s always a WHY behind whatever you chose to DO. There’s always a WHY, a REASON behind that decision. So what is that reason. What is your GREATEST WHY?

Not until you discover your greatest WHY, your PURPOSE for life will SUFFER. Not until you discover your greatest WHY, your DREAMS will SUFFER. Your VISIONS will SUFFER. You have to IDENTIFY and DEFINE the reason why you DO what you’re doing. And that is when you’ll DISCOVER your PURPOSE for life.
Because your purpose will SHAPE you. Your purpose will MOLD you. Your purpose will bring you to the place you need to BE. And that’s why the bible says that: A man’s GIFTS will make way for him. Your gifts will bring into the PRESENCE of KINGS.
Your God-given gifts, your TALENTS, coupled with your purpose for existence, will bring you where you need to BE in life.
When you Discover your purpose, you’ll have this BURNING DESIRE to never GIVE UP on yourself no matter the situations or circumstances.
You know, the reason people give up on themselves easily, the reason why people are easily de-motivated,or throw up the towel easily is because they’ve not discovered their PURPOSE for life.

I read the story of Joseph in the bible, and that was what motivated me to write this book – ‘LET’S TALK SEX.’ You can get it on Amazon. You can get it also on my website:

The reason why people easily give up on themselves is because they lack that BURNING DESIRE. That STRONG WILL that’s LOCKED away somewhere in them. That is lying DORMANT. That is SLEEPING.

When you are able to WAKE UP the GIANT in YOU. Because, There is a GIANT IN YOU!
There is A HERO IN YOU.
There is POWER in YOU.
You are STRONGER than you THINK.
And not untill you discover that STRENGTH in you. Not until you discover that POWER. Not untill you discover the HERO in YOU. Not until you discover the GIANT in YOU, you will keep LIVING below YOUR potentials. You will keep wallowing in SELF-pity. You will keep entertaining pity-party.

Discover Your purpose and you’ll birth your VISIONS.
You’ll BIRTH your DREAMS.
You will birth that POWER hidden somewhere in YOU.
It’s that burning desire that’ll make you that when to LOOK yourself in THE MIRROR, you’ll say NEVER AGAIN!

Never again will I doubt myself. Never again will I GIVE up on myself. Never again will I tolerate TOXIC.
Never again will I tolerate what is not right for me.
Never again will I SETTLE for CONVENIENCE.
Never again will I CHOOSE convenience over what’s RIGHT FOR ME.
It is that burning desire that’ll ENABLE you to keep pressing, to keep moving on. Even when others are throwing up the towel. Even where others are giving up.

It is the burning desire in you that will make you never to give up on yourself. You need to discover your purpose. You need to discover the WHY behind what you are doing. There’s always a why behind whatever you are doing. And not until you discover that WHY, you will only be comfortable making EXCUSES.
You will be COMFORTABLE not seeing any RESULTS.
You’ll be comfortable NOT GROWING. You’ll not even ‘mind’ that you’re not GROWING.
You’ll SETTLE. As every bus stop will look like the right one.
Because you don’t know where you’re going. Because you don’t have a VISION. Because you don’t have a DREAM. Every bus stop will be look like right one for.

You need to discover your purpose and you need have the burning desire that goes hand-in-hand with that vision. That goes hand-in-hand with your dreams. It is that burning desire in you that will make you to STAND OUT.
That will make you to REFUSE to FIT IN.

Listen, you don’t pray so you don’t have temptations. Temptations will always come NO MATTER how you PRAY. No matter how you FAST.
Temptations will always come. We do face TEMPTATIONS from time to time. And what will help you to OVERCOME that temptation is SELF-DISCIPLINE.

Self-discipline is what helped Joseph to walk away from Potiphar’s wife. The story of Joseph inspired me a lot. It encouraged ME a lot in that moment when I almost failed myself. I was faced with temptation that it took only the Grace of God for me to escape from. It was a narrow escape. And that was what happened to Joseph.
Joseph’s escape from Potiphar’s wife was a narrow escape. He was presented with what most men would have grabbed. He was presented with what most men today are craving for.
Joseph was presented with what most men today, in our todays society would have killed to have. But he chose to walk away from it.
And don’t tell me that he was able to walk away from Portiphar’s wife, you konw, from the temptations because he was a holy man, so POWERFUL. Or because he was ABOVE temptation, or has soaked himself in prayer and full of ANOINTING. NO NO NO NO!!!

I’ll tell you why Joseph was able to walk away from portiphars wife: DISCIPLINE – SELF-DISCIPLINE!

My definition of Self-discipline is choosing SELF-RESPECT over SHORT TIME PL EASURE. Choosing self respect, a LONG time of self-respect over immediate GRATIFICATION.
It is self-discipline that ENABLED Joseph to WALK AWAY from that temptation.

It was SELF-DISCIPLINE that made him choose the prison, that made him choose to be accused falsely, made him to choose shame of a crime he never committed.
It was SELF-DISCIPLINE. He chose a LONG time of self-respect over short time pleasure. Over immediate GRATIFICATION. Over something that will not even last in the long run.

He chose what was right for him over what was CONVENIENT!

In that moment, it was CONVENIENT for him to have Portiphar’s wife. But he chose what was right.

Today, I want you to choose what is right for you. I want you to evaluate your situation.
Evaluate your circumstances.
Evaluate the CIRCLE of friends you KEEP. Evaluate the relationships that you have in your life right now and have the courage to choose a LONG time of self-respect over imidiate gratification. Over a short time pleasure.

Choose what is right for you over what’s good.
Choose WHAT is RIGHT for you over what’s CONVENIENT.

God bless you!!!

–Augustina Ekwunife