Can I read something for you from this book! It’s my book titled ROAR!
I published it last year 2019.
ROAR! Refuse to be silenced.

It says; “God gives us the vision, then He takes us down to the valley to batter us into the shape of the vision, and it is in the valley that so many people give up. Every VISION will be made real if we have patience.” –I Quoted Oswald Chambers.

When God give you a vision, He will take you down the valley. And so many people give up. It is in the valley that so many people give up on themselves. Not on the mountain top. It is in the valley. When you are down the valley. That’s where many people give up on their vision, on their dreams.

Remember, Joseph was in the valley when he was going through all those challenges and difficulties. But he refused to give Up on himself. It is in the valley that God will mold you. That God will shape you to bring you into the shape of your VISION.

Many people don’t understand this and that’s why once there’s a little crisis, they’ll throw up the towel, they’ll be discouraged. Many people are demotivate in this moment. Many people are demotivated. Many people are depressed. Many people are weak. Because of coronavirus pandemic. Because of the restrictions and shutdowns.

They’re not used to staying indoors. They’re used to going out. But change is normal. It is inevitable. Imagine those people who are sick. Who has been sick even before the Coronavirus outbreak.

Imagine all those people who have something important they’re working on but they happened to find themselves in the hospital because of one illness or the other even before the Coronavirus outbreak. Even long before this Covid-19 Pandemic crisis… So about that and count yourself lucky. Count yourself blessed. Count yourself fortunate that you are not in the hospital but you are at home with your loved ones.

Use this time to spend quality time with your family. Use this opportunity to spend quality time with your wife. Those that their wives usually complains that they don’t see their spouse. Their husbands are always out working. Or those that their husbands are always complaining; “You don’t have time for me… you’re always out”… This is the time for you to invest quality time together. Spend quality time together. Nurture your relationships. Nurture your health.

This is time for you to rest. You that never have time to rest. You that’s always up and down, doing one thing or the other… work – business – careers etc. This is the time for you to rest!

Mind You, this time won’t last forever. Make sure you’re not wasting this opportunity. Make sure your not wasting this precious time given to You. I wish I have time to stay indoors. For 30days or 40days. While others are in quarantine. Resting, staying at home, we are working. Because I work in the healthcare. So I must go to work. I’m not along those that are at home. How I wish I can stay at home for one week, for two weeks… Just to sleep, rest, take care of myself. Meditate. Do whatever I feel like doing! Love myself. I will even love to have time maybe to write another book. This is an opportunity. If you want to write a book.

Listen, I said; ROAR! Refuse to be silenced. Refuse to allow coronavirus to silence your vision of 2020. Refuse to allow coronavirus to silence your dreams. The goals that you set for yourself for this 2020. Refuse coronavirus to stop you from achieving those goals. Refuse coronavirus to stop you from investing in YOURSELF. From nurturing your relationships. From nurturing your health. From nurturing your relationship with God.

How about your relationship with God? You don’t have enough time to read your bible. You don’t have enough to meditate. You don’t have enough time to spend quality time with God…so now you have all the time in the world!

Listen, I love praying. I love the idea of us praying. Coronavirus yes. Let us pray, we are shouting, praying.

Listen, when you are praying, you are the one talking. But when you are meditating, when you are able to quite the mind. To ‘still’ those voices in your head… that’s when you can hear from God.

God is not in the noise. God is not in the confussions. He’s not in the thunder or whatsoever that’s going on out there.

It is when you are quite!!!

What if God is giving you an opportunity to quite your mind. To have that quite time with Him?

What if God is giving you the chance to nurture your relationship with Him. How about that?

Have you thought about that. Have this ever crossed your mind?
That maybe God is giving me an opportunity, a second chance… To rebuild my relationship with Him. To rebuild my relationship with my spouse. To rebuild my relationship with my children. To rebuild my relationship with that my loved one that I’ve not been hearing from for a long time. That I never had time to even give a call. I have all the time that I need now to chat with that my loved one. To spend quality time, even if we cannot see each other physical but I can call now. I can connect through WhatsApp. I can connect through Facebook messenger. I can use ZOOM.

There are so many Apps out there You can download to do video chat, video call. This is time for you to connect. Don’t waste this beautiful time. Don’t waste this opportunity.

Listen, Roar! If you must, ROAR! Roar!! Roar!!! You CAN and you WILL! And this is your year.

Refuse whatever situation to knock you down. You are stronger than you think. You are stronger! You are stronger than whatever thats happening out there. You are stronger!

You are stronger, because, He that is in you is greater than they that are in the world. He that is in you is greater than they that are against you. He that is in you is greater than CORONAVIRUS.

He that is in you knows what will happen in year 2020. And He made me wrote this book: ‘Roar’ in year 2019.

He said; Augustina, Roar! Don’t let your voice be silenced.
Thank God that I’m usuing my voice today. And I’m roaring… And I intend to roar the more and the more. Because, God is giving me a privilege. A great privilege to let my voice out. To roar!

So, do you think that coronavirus will silence that voice. If that voice happens to stop now, it’s because God wants It to stop. Not because of Coronavirus. So as long as God enables me to use my voice. I will use my voice to His glory.

I will use my voice to encourage the people that I can reach out especially in these hard time. Where people are at home. When people can now watch videos. Where people can now connect online. When people now have enough time to spend hours online.

This is the right moment for you to LAUNCH yourself. This is the moment to let your VOICE be HEARD. Use that voice wisely. Use your voice wisely now. Invest, encourage people. Be positive. Vibrate positive energy. Let your aura vibrant positive energy. So that wherever you go, your presence will be felt. People will feel the positive energy. People will feel the energy that you carry.

When people are DEPRESSED and they come in contact with you. No matter how they come in contact with you. It might not be physically but it may be through online video. Wherever they are and they tune in, and they connects to your channel, your Energy is vibrating. You vibrant positive. You pull them up. You lift their spirit up. You pull them up from that depressive mood. You put strength and Joy back in them.

If that is the only thing you can do in this moment, you are doing wonderful. You are doing marvellous. If its the only thing you are called to Do in a time like this, don’t take it common. Don’t take it fir granted. Because You are doing powerfully well. You are doing marvellously well.

Keep doing it. Use your voice to encourage people. Because, people needs us now. The world needs our light to shine, remember the bible said; Let our LIGHT shine! When the world is Dark. When we are in the dark tunnel. When we are in the valley, that’s the moment you need to pull people out.

Listen, Lion is not afraid of the dark. Even in the dark, the Lion ROAR! So ROAR, roar! Pull yourself up and pull the people up with you. Lift them up.

People are talking about rapture. What if this is the rapture???

And you’re hidding!? Some of you are praying out of FEAR. Same of you are praying and Fasting. It’s now that you remembered thatvyou need to pray. Why didn’t you pray last year or last two years? Prevention is better than cure!!! It is not when the sickness comes, you begin to pray. You need to soak YOURSELF before hand in prayer… (The scripture said; To pray without ceasing…) which means that we need to make prayer a LIFESTYLE, and when the sickness comes you’ll just be praising God.

Instead of you praying out of PANIC. You’ll be praising God and praise your way out. You praise God and praise your way out. God will see your Faith and He will be moved… He will be moved not only to save you. He will be moved not only to encourage you. He will be moved not only to assist you, or to strengthen you. But He will be moved because, He sees your faith!!!

He knows that your light, just like a candle light… It will LIGHT up the candles of other people around you – one candle after another. That’s how it works. That’s the Kingdom mindset. That’s how the Kingdom works… your candlelight will LIGHT up the next person’s candle and the next one and then the next.…

May the Joy be with you all as you keep safe and stay healthy, mentally and physically.


–Augustina Ekwunife
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