Many people make the mistake of taking care of their OUTER self. They try to beautify their outer self. You know, how about your INNER self?
How about your soul?
How about your spirit?

That is why I don’t really like being forced into a situation that I don’t like. Being forced into a situation where I am not giving you the consent… For example, some people out of their own emotional turmoil. In that state of discomforts, of fear, of panic, what they do is share all this messages that they receives in their inbox. And I don’t like that situation where I am being pulled into that state of fear and panic. To share with you fear and panic. Because once you receive that ugly news, bad messages, bad news, what the government is saying, the conspiracy, this – that. What they do is to share that message out immediately. As if to say; hey! look… this is what is happening, you guys need to fear. You need to panic because, right here I am panicking. Right here I am not sure of anything again. I am in that emotional state where I am in agitation.

And they share the message out and if you’re not careful, they’ll pull you into that state of agitation, of fear, of panic.
You know, everything is ENERGY. And if you don’t WATCH your mind… if you don’t WATCH your INNER self, you’ll be contaminated. You’ll be allowing those NEGATIVE Energies into your system.

I don’t know how other people are coping. But I love BEING mindful of where I invest my time and energy. I am very mindful and careful of how I allow or what I allow through my ears. Or through my eyes, because sometimes what you watch on a daily basis, like the television or on social media platforms. And what you hear with your ears Influences you negatively.

It AFFECTS your inner peace. It affects your peace of mind. You will be in that state of confusion. You’ll be distracted from the goals that you set for yourself this year. So for you to stay grounded and not be demotivated. You have to make sure that you are mindful of what you allow into your ears, because what people speak into your ears, what you allow – your close relationships, friends, your colleagues, what you allow to enter into your mind will eventually influence you negatively or positively.

It will eventually either help you to stay focused or distract you from the goals that you set for yourself. I work hard to stay GROUNDED. In a world, in our modern society, in this crazy world full of confusion. It is not easy to be in that place of peace, to enjoy inner peace, to be in harmony with your surroundings.

Environment is everything. Atmosphere is everything. It is not easy to find such atmosphere. You need to create it. You need to create your own reality. You need to bring the reality of what you want into your life by being mindful of how you rent your heart, your mind, your ears and your eyes.

You don’t allow thieves into your house to rent a room. And so how do you allow al the NEGATIVE energies to come into your mind, your HEART and rent a room.

I don’t know Why you should on earth allow people to influence you negatively by renting your ears, your eyes, to all this energy vampires. That does nothing good to your system. They will only sap your vital energy.

I repeat, Energy is everything. For you to stand and keep standing in this our rat race lifestyle kind of society. Busy twenty four hours a day. Plus all the things that are happening all around us. It takes one to be disciplined. It takes one to be really focused.

REFUSE to rent your heart, your ears, your mind. Anything that concerns you. You refuse to rent it to all these spiritual VIRUSES and ENERGY VAMPIRES.

It depends on where you put your focus. It depends on where you put your attention. You can choose where you want to put your attention at any given moment. Your feelings will tell you. Once you start feeling down. Once you start feeling DEPRESSED. Once you are no longer in that happy mood, you will know. Just like a signal, like antenna you’ll feel it. Your mind will feel it, your body will give you signals, your mind will give you signals.

Because when your are THINKING positive thoughts, when you are having that positive CONVERSATION with YOURSELF. You are full of hope. You BELIEVE that this too shall pass. You BELIEVE that God’s got your back in the past. And that He’ll STILL got your back in the present. And he’ll still be there for you in the future.

That God’s word is trustworthy. That you can trust in His faithfulness, and REFUSE to GIVE UP. You choose to STAND in that place of Faith.

You know, one thing that moves God is Faith and not FEAR. And fear is the absence of Faith. So you have to do that INNER work. You have to be DISCIPLINED. Make sure that you stay GROUNDED. Do everything in your power to help YOURSELF stay GROUNDED. To help your inner self to LIVE – to LIVE in ABUNDANCE.

The BEST place you can be is in that place of INNER Peace.

SOMETIMES, you need to move out from the chaos of life. Move away from the SOCIETY full of chaos. Go to places where you can have ALONE TIME. Where you can nurture your soul , nurture your spirit. Spend QUALITY TIME BEING in the NATURE. Being in that place where you nurture your soul. You let out all the NEGATIVES that you’ve accumulated during the week.

Even if it is once or twice a week. Find a neighborhood that has Park, Garden, Riverbank. Go there and spend quiet time. Spend that ALONE TIME. And enjoy NATURE. ENJOY the fresh air that thanks for the lockdown, we’re enjoying now. Our earth’s healing. Our mother Earth is healing. You can now ENJOY fresh are. You can now ENJOY fresh ENERGY. Why not take in as much as you can.

At work with colleagues, conversation is something else. Now, how do we cope?
How do you protect your mental health from all of this situation out there?
How do you cope?
Because it’s not easy frankly speaking, it’s not easy. How about people who have business, the shops?

How about people who have set plans for 2020. At the beginning of the year people set plans. Plan their Holidays. A lot of things. This pandemic iwas unexpected. It wasn’t prepared for. Nobody prepared for it. Nobody anticipated it. It came sudden on each and every one of us . So how do you manage to hold yourself together?

You know, something that I really ask myself most of the time when I look around me, when I try to check on friends, I find out that most of them are really DEPRESSD and DEMOTIVATED. It’s like no one believes that this situation shall one day be a story. A story to tell. It’s like they feel that this CURRENT SITUATION is a PERMANENT one. I believe that no condition is permanent.

I just want to trust God that this too shall pass. I just want to stand in that place of Faith.

Because even if you don’t want it, the energy pulls you down. The situation, the conversation, the news, the television, social media, everything! It pulls your spirit down. It pulls your mood down.
How do you cope?
How do you manage to stand. To stand on top and not allow the situation pull you down. Not allow yourself to go down with the situation. How do you manage to stay afloat?

So I love going to the park or taking a walk by the riverbank, I love spending quiet time, I love having my alone time. You can call it solitude.

Many people that are used to being in the crowd, going with the crowd. People that are not used to spending time alone. Those are the ones this lockdown was hitting hard. People that are not capable of cultivating that alone time by themselves. Those are the ones this lockdown is hitting hard. I wonder how they cope.

Life situations have taught me that It is not when the ugly situation arises that you start doing the work – the MENTAL, the EMOTIONAL work, the SPIRITUAL work.

Life situation has taught me that you need to do the INNER WO5K right before you are faced with that ugly situation. And when the ugly situation arises, you’ll find the inner STRENGTH to stand or to fight back.

I don’t believe or let me just put it this way; I have learnt to go with the flow. Most times I notice that people try to RESIST CHANGE. They try to resist what is happening, the ugly situation, the ugly experience that is happening around them. They try to resist it.

But you can’t resist the WIND. You go with the flow. If you try to resist the winds of circumstances, it will pull you down. It will knock you down. That’s why you see a times you find people are DEPRESSED and demotivated.

It’s not easy for someone that is not stable to SURVIVE and SUCCEED in this our MODERN society. Because tomorrow is not promised. And whatever you are doing, you have to be in that place of NON-RESISTANCE. YOU BE IN A STATE OF ALLOWING. You trust that God has your best interests at heart. You trust that the UNIVERSE is CONSPIRING in your FAVOUR.

You trust that God is GUIDING your STEP, every step you take, God is guiding. And then you STAY in that PLACE of TRUST. You be in God’s rest. You don’t try to resist whatever comes your way. You trust that no matter the ugly situation no matter how bad that situation may be, that God will surely make a way.

REMEMBER, we serve a God that maketh a way where there seems to be no way. We serve a God that maketh a way where men say; There’s no way. It baffles me to see where Christians, and when I say ‘christians’ I really mean ministers, men and women of God. When things like this happens, where CRISIS arises, that is the time they’ll start praying. That is the time they will remember they will pray. That is the time they will remember God.

Some will even start APPLYING SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. They want to be holy. They want to be righteous with God in that moment of crisis. Because of fear. Because of panic. Some presume that the word is coming to an end. That this is the rapture the Bible spoke about. That Christians are waiting for.

So this is the time now to begin to gather themselves. Check themselves to make sure they are in RIGHT STANDING with God. It is now that they want to be in right standing with God.

Anyways am not trying to judge anyone. But what am I trying to say: the Bible made us to understand that no one knows when the rapture will take place.

No one knows when that ugly situation will happen. If you know when the thief will come to your house, you’ll be well armed and PREPARED, waiting. You will be at alert and awake, waiting. But you don’t know when the thief will come.

That’s more reason why you should be alert at all times. More reason why you should do the inner work. Even when the situation is right and beautiful on the outside. No matter the situation, no matter the season. Even when everything is okay and going smoothly for you. Even when you are happy, you are succeeding. you see things going the way you planned. You don’t have to relax.

You don’t have to relax and forget that; It is good to enjoy life. God wants us to enjoy life. God wants us to have AMAZING life, abundant life. But you also have to REMEMBER that you are a SPIRIT BEING. You are not just a human being.


Your spirit needs to be nurtured.
Your soul needs to be nurtured.
When you nurture your outside self, your body, your physical self, and you forgot about your INNER SELF. Now thats an ERROR!

–By Augustina Ekwunife (Amazon Author, Blogger amd Speaker)

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