Let me ask you a question, we easily as Ministers reach into conclusion by telling single women who are struggling with sex. We say to them, just pray or fast. Well, sometimes we say to them, let us pray together or let us fast together. So my question to you is this: When you are hungry, do you pray over it? Or do you call your pastor to fast with you so that the will seize? Do you call on God when you are Hungry to help you seize the hunger do you simply, you know, get something to eat. Another question is this: When you are thirsty, do call on God? Do you pray? Do you fast? Do you call your Pastor to help you in prayer to help quench the thirst? or do you simply get yourself a glass of water, a cup of water to help quench your thirst. Well, why then do we encourage single women or single men out there to fast or to pray to quench their sexual urges? That’s an ERROR, right?
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I will share some things out from this book, if this is the first time you here, you are welcome and I pray and hope that you are going to get something from this blog post today. That is my greatest desire, you know, to impact lives out there, to bring transformation to the lives of people. At least those that I’m able to influence within my sphere of contact. So if this is the first time you’re connecting with me, I just want to say I love you. And so let’s go into the reading…

“The Church Has to Step In Prayer Alone Is Not Enough”. Prayer is good. It is very good. But you don’t just pray when you are hungry. You go for food. You don’t just pray. When you are thirsty, you go for a drink. So why do we just pray and hope to be OK when we continually struggle with SEX?

During my book tours and many other events that I conducted brought me Face-To-Face with the other side of the coin, I was made to listen to so many untold stories of women, women who daily struggle with sexual desires. I mean, matured ladies who did not hesitated to share some of their struggles with me, with their permission and with immense respect for all they’ve been through and all they are going through at the moment, I am sharing some of these stories here with you and this is how it goes;
“She says to me, listen, I have never shared this part of me with anyone before now, but I’m glad to share it with you. I am a woman with a high libido. I love to do sex. I mean, I can’t stay one week without having sex. Now that I am a single mom, I find it difficult sometimes controlling my sexual urges. I can go crazy about it, she said.
This my insatiable urge for sex made me date many men. But now I am no longer comfortable with the whole thing because my children are growing up and are beginning to ask questions and I don’t want them to see me that way. You know, like changing men Often.

I looked at her and courage failed me to ask to pray for her, because prayer alone won’t help. She needs more than just prayer.

The Church needs to include healing of broken people as part of its numerous activities and I mean real healing, where people are allowed and encouraged to talk about sensitive issues and their vulnerabilities without fearing judgments. When people are able to speak out they are freed emotionally to live spiritually good relationships.
After reading out the conversation I had with this woman I really want to chip in something here, you know, it is very easy for us as ministers to jump into conclusion by telling the woman to pray and fast.

There are certain things that even Prayer or Fasting cannot help. There are so many women that are single out there so many women as you are reading this right now, sitting in your church benches that are struggling with sex.

How do we help these women?
How do we as ministers help them?
Do we send them to the secular world, to professionals, or do we do something at least to alleviate their struggles?

I believe that as a church, we have a lot to do. You know, when I watched this woman as she voiced out her struggles with, her permission, I’m sharing it here. And with due respect to all she has been through, to due respect to all she’s going through, what she’s been through, and not just her. You know, some of those women during my book events that I was privileged to listen to. What I will chip in here as a minister, hoping that the church will also, you know, buy into this PROJECT of helping women and men, not just women there are men out there in the church that are also struggling with sex.

It is not just women that are struggling with, you know, sex and sexuality. Men also are struggling as well. And I believe that we can help one another, not just by telling them to fast. Not just by telling to pray or rushing into conclusion, there’s nothing God can not do, rights? Just as I read out in the beginning from this book, when you are thirsty, you don’t pray and fast. You don’t ask God to help you out. You get a cup of water, a glass of water, because you’re thirsty, right? And when you are hungry, you don’t just call your pastor and your pastor, you know, just rush into competition by advising you to pray or fast because you’re hungry. You don’t call on God. When you are hungry, you go for food. Right. So how do we think we can just pray off or fast off our sexual urges just like that? You know, this is the reason why people end up doing EYE SERVICE in the church. They wear MASKS to the church because we don’t create an atmosphere. We don’t create an Avenue. We don’t encourage them to speak out so the only thing I can say, based on what I heard with my ears from these women that’s had the courage to share out their struggles because it’s not everybody that will have the courage to say, hey, this is what I’m going through.

So I just want to congratulate her courage. I just want to tell her that she’s doing a good job by, you know, trying not to, you know, giving her body out, allowing casual sex, trying to, you know, go in for anything, any person that comes across just because she want to satisfy her sexual urges. She was doing this in the beginning. She was dating a lot of men. She was changing men often and often. Until her children began to ask questions. When children are small you can do a lot of things like taking decisions without involving them
But once they are beginning to grow up there will be a time you don’t just do things hoping not to involve them. There will be a time you don’t just go out and come in without them asking questions.

I have my 6 year old baby girl that when I am om phone sometimes she’ll just come and ask “Chi è? “ meaning What’s that? She wants to know with whom am talking to on the phone.
She’s 6 years old and she’s beginning to ask Who’s that? Mommy where are you going? Mommy when are you young coming back? Then imagine when they are at age of 14, 18, 20. Well in this video I don’t think I can really share much there are lots of things to say because sex is a complicated argument because, we as human beings we are complicated by nature and you don’t just get counsel. A general counsel you know, because people as individuals, we have our traits. We have our individual needs, who have our individual challenges and difficulties, which had to be addressed singularly. OK, but the only thing I would say is I would advise a woman to always, always keep herself OK, there are so many ways you can take care of your sexual urges. You don’t have to give your body to the first person that knocks on the door just because you want to satisfy your sexual urges.

I understand that in women who don’t have high libido, it is easier to control. But if you are a woman with a high libido, it is very difficult, very, very difficult. But it is not impossible. There are things that you can do, like, for example, get your mind occupied with other activities, like your job, minding your job. You know, taking care of the children, taking care of your home. It’s not enough. But you can start somewhere. Then you can extend that to like workout. You do some workout. You do some exercise. You take care of your body, find other means of getting pleasure. You can’t just get pleasure only through sex. OK, you can get pleasure also by nurturing, taking care of yourself if you love, like, you know, making your hair, going to the saloon, like doing some body massage. You can go get that, you can do pedicure, you can do manicure.

There are lot of things out there you can’t do. Engage yourself, engage your mind, engage your time so that you don’t just like, you know, spend a lot of time thinking about it. Just take your mind off it as much as you can.

God bless you as you stay strong…
Never let your inconveniences to push you into doing what you will later regret.

Written by Author EVANG. Augustina Ekwunife