Hi. This is Ekwunife Augustina. I just want to reach out to all my friends out there and to all my readers. To let you know that I’ve not forgotten any of you. I am praying for you. I’m trusting God that you are staying safe. And that you are all staying healthy. I know that this is a tough time for each and everyone of us. I know that it’s not easy. It is not easy because we are not prepared for this moment. It’s evident that we are not prepared. We are not anticipating such. But one thing is sure, we are in this together. No matter where you are right now. No matter the state, no matter the country.

I believe that we feel more connected now THAN ever. Thank God for the internet. And for the social media platforms. That are enabling us now to connect with people far and wide.

I just want to REMIND you that it’s in a time like this that you need to BE STRONG. It’s in a time like this that you need not focus on the NEGATIVES that’s happening all around us right now, yes it’s true that people are dying of covid-19. People are dying of coronavirus. People are scared. The whole stress is causing depression.

You can feel the energy. When I go out. When I go to work, or just out of the house, I feel it. Because the streets are deserted. The shops are closed. But I believe it’s in a time like this that we need to prove to ourselves that we have the strength to stand … it’s in a moment like this that you need to have Faith. That you need to exercise your Faith.

It is not when everything is going smoothly for you. It’s not when everything is Ok. It’s easier for people to say they have Faith when everything is Ok, when everything is going smoothly. That’s why we call it faith. Because it takes courage. It’s kind of challenging. It will challenge you to ABANDON your COMFORT ZONE . It will challenge you to do those things that you never thought possible for you.

It will CHALLENGE you to STRETCH yourself. It will challenge you to CONFRONT your FEARS. That’s why we call faith.

If Faith is easy, everybody out there would have it. But as you can see; Faith is not easy. But it is not IMPOSSIBLE. It takes one to believe in oneself. To also believe in God.

I want to encourage you not to abandon your goals for 2020. Don’t throw in the towel yet. Don’t quit when God is still in the scenes working for you. Don’t quit when God is still in the business.

When God put that VISION in you, when God put that DREAM in you, He knows that in the year 2020 that there will be this pandemic. He knew it. Remember, God knows your end from the beginning. He knows what will happen in the next 10, 15, 20 years from today.


God is omnipotent, He is omnipresence. God is God, He’s not man. Put your Faith in God. Doubt YOURSELF but not God. If there’s anyone you can doubt in this moment, it is not God. Because God is God and God remaineth the same.

God is God all by Himself. He does not need anything to be God -He is God!

We are the ones that needs him and we need him now more than ever. So put your trust in God. BELIEVE In You. BELIEVE also in God. Just as Jesus said; Believe in Me, believe also in my Father…

God is our Father. God is there for us. And He has always been there, He changeth not. God is not changing now just because there’s this outbreak of Coronavirus…

Everywhere people are dying. It cannot stop God from being God. I want to remind you of your 2020 Goals. It may nit finacial goals, it can be health goals, relationship goals etc…
Make sure that you are doing everything possible to stay safe, to stay healthy. Take some minutes, it might be only 20 minutes. Just make sure you exercise. To keep your body in shape, clear the fog in your heard, and help you stay clear and focused.

Don’t allow depression to creep in. Don’t allow boredom to creep in. Don’t be bored. Don’t allow the situations or stress to have it’s grip on you. Don’t allow the situations to weigh you down. You are STRONGER than you believe. You are stronger than you think!

There’s POWER within YOU. There’s Hero In You. There’s this giant in you. But until you awaken the GIANT in YOU. Not unil you awaken this hero in you, you’ll never know what you are capable of accomplishing.

So tap into the strength within you. You have been prepared in one way or the other, emotionally, psychologically, mentally in one way or the other to handle what’s happening right now. So tap into that strenght in you. Be strong for yourself, be strong for all the people around you.

And keep praying for us that are in the frontline. If all the places close, the last place that’ll close is the hospitals and health-care…

And I thank God for the SPECIAL Grace that we’re able to work and come back home safe and healthy. And are able to take care of the sick ones and come back home and take care of our family and take care of ourselves.

I’m being strong because God has in one way or the other, trained me through my past experiences, through all I’ve been through in life, for a time like this.

He Prepared me spiritually, emotionally, mentally, for a moment like this. And that’s why I’m being strong for all of us. Let’s just be there for all of us. Let’s stay connected. I believe that God has, in one way or the other spoken through me too.

God will always speak in advance. Just that we easily do forget but God does not forget. I believe that God has spoken through me in year 2014. When I wrote my first book. YOU CAN SUCCEED YOU CAN PROSPER EVEN IN TIME OF CRISIS. You can check it out in Amazon. And also on my website. Even in time of crisis, you can succeed, You can PROSPER. This is my first book and I wrote it in 2014. How could I have known that in year 2020, there will be this kind of situation.

This book is a reminder that even in time of crisis, you can succeed, if you refuse to give up on your dreams. If you refuse to give up on the GOALS that you’ve set for yourself. Where is your goal 2020. Where have you locked it. Don’t allow the situations out there to STOP YOU from working on yourself, from working on your goals, from INVESTING in YOURSELF. Don’t allow FEAR to stop you from achieving what you could achieve.

There’s something out there for you to achieve in this year 2020. Don’t allow the situation out there to stop you from doing what you need to do. For your FUTURE self to thank You, you need to INVEST in YOURSELF today. Your future is Now. Your future starts today. Even in that time of crisis, there are opportunities. But sometimes, we focus on the negative situations. We focus on the problems going on out there. We focus on the bad news. We expose our energy. We exposed our Aura to negative energies. We connect to negative channel. Our vibration attract nothing but negatives.

Once you shift your attention from positive to negative, what happens is, you’ll begin to attract all kinds of negative situations, negative news, negative experiences. So mind where your attention is right now. Mind where you’re focusing your attention. I’ll advise you to watch your mind. Watch what you’re feeding your mind with this very time.

Don’t allow energy VAMPIRES to feed on your ENERGY. PROTECT your energy, protect your mental health. AGAIN, I wrote another book in 2019 as if I knew that in 2020 #Soar – ‘Be In God’s REST’, something like this is going to happen.
You See, our God is awesome. God is wonderful. I wrote this book where I said; SOAR! Be in God’s REST. Even in a time like This, you can still soar. Because God is God. Be in God’s REST! Don’t allow the circumstances or situations that’s going on out there to stop you from soaring.

I believe that this is the RIGHT tine for you to soar. Use the adversities, use the situations out there. Use the wind, the storms of life to push you higher, just like an eagle. Use all the storms and winds of life ugly issues to lift yourself higher. Open you wings now.
There’s opportunity everywhere. But not until you shift your perspective towards your goals. Towards stopping yourself from allowing people to DISTRACT you grom your GOALS. And shifting your focus on where God wants you to invest your energy or your resources, you will miss out on God BEST for 2020.

Stay safe and stay healthy.
God bless you!
–Evangelist Augustina Ekwunife