Hello! This is Ekwunife Augustina.

In a time of global crisis, in a time of uncertainty, where the whole world is in turmoil. Where the whole world is in anger and in pain. I feel their pain, I feel their anger and I know the anger and pain is real. But I just want to encourage each and every one of us not to give up.

I just want to encourage each and every one of us not to allow our pains and anger that we are experiencing in this time to destroy us, you know, pain and anger – let it build you. let it motivate you. Use them as your motivating force to contribute in any way you can to make this WORLD a better place.

We need change. We can’t continue like this and I am trusting God that CHANGE HAS BEGAN. We only have to do anything, do everything, do all we can in our power, collectively, in our own space, in our own sphere of contact, on our own platforms, collectively and individually.

Listen, I just want to encourage each and everyone of us not to allow the fears and anger we are going through in this global crisis to destroy us because, anger has the power to destroy. Pain has the power to destroy. I’ve seen so many lives waste out of pain and anger, unresolved anger.

I know that the pains and the anger they are real because I’m feeling it from my own angle. I understand the moment we’re in. I understand the time we’re in. It’s full of challenges. But I want you to understand that you are a leader. You are a leader, if you can turn your anger and pain, you know, as a motivating factor.

Let your anger motivate you. Let them CHALLENGE you to TAKE ACTION. Positive action towards contributing to the POSITIVE CHANGE that is occurring in our time. This change that is happening now is something that has never happened before. So we have to join in this movement individually, collectively. And contribute, no matter how little. Nothing is insignificant. Any help you can.

Anything you can contribute using your platforms, by using your own space as a leader. You can do something. if you can’t come out to Protest, you can write. If you can write, write. That’s what leadership is.

Leadership is not the title. Leadership is having the courage to BE YOU. Leadership is having the COURAGE to STAND OUT. Leadership is REFUSING to FIT in. Leadership is having the courage to TURN BACK and REFUSE to FOLLOW the CROWD.


It’s you taking action – taking positive action. Keeping SILENCE is NOT an OPTION. In a time of this global crisis. Leadership is not what you HEAR or what you SEE.

LEADERSHIP is what you DO when NO ONE is WATCHING. Is your life TRANSFORMING lives?
When people look at you, do you transmit courage. When people look at you, do they say, if she can do it, if he can do it, I Can!

That’s what LEADERSHIP is. When your life can make someone to have the courage to do the necessary changes that they need to do in their life to bringing positive change.

I believe that all together we can make a positive change in this time. This global crisis, let’s not allow what we are seeing out there to destroy that seed of Faith. Remember the bible said that if your faith is as little as a mustard seed.

So no matter how little your faith is in this time, continue Keeping that Faith. Continue to fan the fire. Don’t let your fire out. Keep it burning. Be courageous.

Let your voice out. Let those pains, those anger out. I feel your pain. I feel your anger. And I know that they are all real because I’m feeling it also. But we don’t have to stop there. We don’t have to stop just, you know, protesting. There are so many things we need to do. There are lots of work to do.

There are lots of work for the Church. There are lots of work for parents. We need to TARGET the youths. We need to target the NEW GENERATION. That is our hope, our hope lies in them.

We can’t go back to undo what has been done. We can’t go back to change the past. But It is good that we know our history. I’m writing on a new book which I titled
“Time to Rediscover Our History”.
We need to go back to rediscover our history. But rediscovery our history is not for us to Allow pains or anger to destroy us. It’s not about us digging out the old pains, the old story, what has happened in the past and then using them as a kind of weapon. No!

You need to know where you started, for you to know where you are going. If you don’t know your history, you don’t know where you come from. You wouldn’t know where you’re going. Every bustop would look like the right one.

So you need to rediscover your history to know where you are heading to. To know what God is doing in the now moments. So that we don’t miss out on God’s very best. And to do that, We need to use every opportunity. Whatever is the underground plan, underground motive, underground intention. Whatever is the secret behind what is happening, let’s play THEIR GAMES.

I see everything as an opportunity and we can turn everything around for our own good. We have to do it TOGETHER. United we stand. Divided we fall. I repeat, UNITED we STAND. DIVIDED we FALL.

We cannot fight this fight alone on our own, individually. We have to unite our resources. We have to unite our power. We have to create courses, create classrooms. Our church has to create courses and we begin to invest in education, invest in our young ones.

Projecting them to be in that place where they can impact change. That they can be in the government tomorrow, they need to be educated. They need qualifications. If we are up there, we can impact CHANGE, you know. But if we are only below looking up, How can we impact change? You can’t just climb up there to the top without education. Education is the Key now. Without education You are going nowhere.

We need to go back and REDISCOVER our history and we need to sit down and map out plans. Start from somewhere. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t let your pain and your anger destroy you. Let them be your motivating force. Let them ginger you, to take action. To take POSITIVE action. Within your sphere of contact. YOU ARE a LEADER in your own SPACE. As you are reading this articles, I am impacting COURAGE into you. I am INSPIRING you to do something. I’m letting you know that if I can do it. You can do it.

That makes ME a LEADER.
I mean, I’m a leader in my OWN SPACE.
I am a LEADER in my own sphere of contact.
You can do the same. There’s no excuse for not joining the movement. There’s no excuse for you and me you know, not joining in what God is doing. This is time to take action. This is not time for lamentation. It’s not time for PITY PARTY.

It’s not time for, you know,for Cries. Wasting our resources and energies. This is time to gather ourselves together as one nation, one people. One children of God and fight to eliminate this deadly virus called racism.

The way we fought together during Covid-19. We have to do the same. This deadly virus called RACISM. If not now, when? If not you, Who? If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your children.

Do it for future generation so that the street will be safe for them to walk. Your children tomorrow will go out, so that they can go out and come back home safely. So that when they are going out, You’re not scared. Many parents are scared of seeing their children going out.

Many parents are scared of seeking their children each time they go out. You go to work; you have to go to work and know that you don’t have anything to fear. But you have to do it. We have to do it. We have to protest. It is our right to protest. But it don’t have to end in protesting.

It don’t have stop there. We have to do everything in our power to create cultural awareness, to eliminate and break down the wall of ignorance around racism. I believe we can. And I believe that the power we need to invest, everything we need to invest in a time like this, we ALREADY have it.

Look inside you, look within you. For the STRENGTH, for the RESOURCES. You bring what you have, I bring what I have. A drop of water can make an ocean. If all of us together will come together in UNITY. In unity of SPIRIT.


~~Augustina Ekwunife

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