Hi everyone, this is your friend Author Evangelist Augustina Ekwunife.

It has been a difficult year this 2020 for many people. Our brothers and sisters in Nigeria have had a really hard time since the pandemic. And now EndSars protest is going on. Many people have been killed or injured. I am praying for our fallen heroes and heroines. Their bravery is not in vain. We will never forget!

Although I saw this coming (I mean the protest). I knew it will get to this. But I am very happy that finally our youths are waking up. I wonder what kept them so long.

In one of my many books, I wrote about this thing that is happening now as if I was foreseeing it. I don’t know how to say this but I think it all started with the killing of George Floyd. Because black people have been dying under police brutality and criminality all these uncountable years. For more than 400 years, black people have known no peace. Just because of the colour of their skin. But after the killing of George Floyd, the world revolted. As if he was the first black man to die under police brutality. God has a way of doing things. He with always use that ‘one man’ … It doesn’t matter who he is or what he has done. God can use anyone to stir up something. Something that has never been seen before. And so George Floyd’s death shook the world and wake them up from their slumber. Including the African continent, and youths are responding. I knew it that after the protest for the death of George Floyd, that things are never ever going to be the same way it used to be. I know that Change has come. And it has come to stay. No going back!

Police brutality is everywhere, not just in the USA or Europe. It is even worse in the African continent. I used to wonder if we, the black people in Africa are really bewitched. First, it was the white taking us into slavery, molesting our women and children. The killing of our men. Brainwashing of our people and taking everything that belongs to us. Including stealing our HISTORY and future. Isn’t it time we go back to discovering our History? How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand by and watch and even clap for them?

Then we start witnessing the horror of black brothers killing their own black brothers, taking advantage and manipulating their own all in the name of religion. Black people are the ones brainwashing the rest of the black masses with all kinds of religious jargon.
It wasn’t enough that we’ve been lied to and taking advantage of by the white. Now we are the very ones lying to our youths and taking advantage of their ingenuity for all these years all in the name of religion.

I am not surprised that today our youths have decided to take responsibility for their lives and fight for their rights and freedom, freedom from mental slavery!

You know, sometimes a prophet is not recognised or valued among his own, but I will say this again before it starts to happen: very soon, and I mean very soon, the fight against corrupted leaders won’t be about #EndSars again but #endbadchurch and #endmisleadingleaders. Very soon the youth will come after you – church! Very soon the youth will rebell against the church system in Nigeria and they are going to take to the streets. So start preparing for that!
Because it will happen soon. I am saying this to all those men and women who are using church as business. Get ready, because your own destruction will be terrible. That is when we will see the true church of Christ emerge!
And it is going to be mighty in splendour and in power. It’s foundation shall not be shaken again after the fall of this current generation church. Because their destruction is not too far from now.

Today it is #EndSars #endsarsbrutality #endsarsnow #endpolicebrutality #endbadgovernance
But get ready for the churches in Nigeria to be shaken by the same force that’s shaking the same government today. If you haven’t started to see it coming, you are lying to yourself!

Because people are tired of being taken for fools. The silence has been way too long. We are tired of being lied to and deceived by those we look up to as ‘leaders’ both in the secular society and in the Church.
We are tired for a country that leaves its people hopeless. Graduates with no hope of job. Women becoming sex toy. Selling their body to get a job or position in the workplace. We are tired of seeing mothers sending their girls into sex market just to feed the rest of the family. Girls sacrificing their lives and future because of a country that have failed to protect them or to provide for their needs…

We are tired of a government that kills its own children. The youths are our future generations…
We must help them to build that future Now not tomorrow.
If not now, when?
If not you, who?
Our future starts today.
Our future is Now.

I am writing this again. I’ve written it before in one day my books. I talk about it in my videos that I shared on my YouTube channel and also through my Facebook page…
My heart bleeds for my country Nigeria. I pray for a better future.

Silence is not an option!
Your Voice is important, so speak out.
Together we stand and together we Win!💪🏼
#endsarsbrutality #endsarsnow #endpolicebrutality #endbadgovernance #augustinaekwunife